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How to do Keyword Research and Plan your Strategy

Your website's goal is clicks and income, right? Why are you here? Only ranking highly for relevant keywords will accomplish this.
Uncertain keywords won't help you rank. Our experts employ a proprietary research process to find keywords that can boost your results.

Increase organic traffic

Keyword Analysis using Advanced Tools

Content marketing and SEO are built on the backbone of keyword research (SEO).
Before beginning any SEO campaign, we at TrulyMadlySEO conduct in-depth keyword research and use our own unique analytic procedures. It's the basis around which we construct our efforts to provide superior service to our customers.

Through Our Extensive Keyword Analysis

Collecting Keywords

    Depending on your niche, we'll collect more than thousand keywords.
    Check your Competitors Keywords
    Your Personal Information in Google Search Console and Analytics
    Verification of Google's Data Suggestions & Recommendations for You

Identifying Trending Keywords

    In order to find the most frequently used terms and phrases in your keyword list, we employ our own tried and true methodology.

Classifying Search Terms

    We organise the entire set of identified keywords into smaller, more manageable sets.
    At this, our most laborious and time-consuming stage, we use our special sauce to make sure that every opportunity we identify is tailored to your specific requirements, business objectives, and bottom line.
    The approach allows us to lay the groundwork for a sustainable content strategy that will improve your site's search engine optimization (SEO) in both on-site (content and optimizations) and off-site (link building) ways.

Methods of Mapping Keywords

    We're in charge of determining which keywords should be linked to which articles.
    For rapid progress toward success indicators, we prioritise and pursue opportunities within striking distance.
    For uncharted sets of keywords, we determine which ones need new landing sites (content gaps).


    We conclude with a comprehensive, holistic plan that can be used to any and all digital marketing or search engine optimization projects.

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